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Premium Wine & Collection

  • The Bordeaux Big 8

    The Bordeaux Big 8 are the most prestigious wine chateaux in the Bordeaux region, with centuries of history and recognized since 1855 as the premier classification of wines in the global wine trade.

  • Our Grand Cru Selections

    The appellation of "Grand Cru" epitomises the elite of Burgundy wines, which are produced on the best vineyards with unique geological and climatic conditions. Burgundy wines express an immense refinement and sensuality, which modern wine lovers fall in love with. We used to define the beauty of the wine presumably by wine estate, vintage or perception, but burgundy wines propose a new definition.

  • Collectible Liquors

    Ultra-premium liquors are released in all categories, from Whiskey to Cognac every year. Some feature special packaging and designs, while others are the very last drops of decades-old liquid or drops from impressive vintage. “Rarity” & “High quality” become the reasons why liquors lovers seeking a bottle. Liquors improves with ages! It’s time for you to indulge yourself and have a sip of golden treasure.


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